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Choosing the Right Front Patio Doors for New Construction Homes

Choosing the Right Front Patio Doors for New Construction Homes

New construction homes are a chance to develop a cohesive style across architecture, décor and more. Front patio doors are a key detail, uniting indoor and outdoor spaces. They should work well with other elements such as windows and landscaping.

But how do you settle on the right front patio doors? There are multiple styles to choose from, like sliding patio doors or French doors. The materials, accents and color should also be considered. Pella of Owensboro can provide expert guidance and the highest-quality patio doors for new construction homes.

Visit our showroom or schedule a free, in-home consultation to explore your options. We’ll turn your vision into a reality.

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How to Choose the Right Front Patio Doors

Pella delivers the perfect combination of form and function. Customize the color, stain and other details of front patio doors for a truly unique look.

1. Work with the Space and Square Footage

New construction is ideal for entry doors because you aren’t stuck with existing square footage. For example, hinged doors have to have enough clearance to open fully. If a front patio door opens inward, smaller rooms might not have the square footage required.

Take the time to consider what the indoor spaces will be used for. Large furniture or limited space could make sliding doors the more convenient style, particularly if the front patio will see constant use.

2. Blend with the Home’s Architectural Style and Décor

Exterior doors contribute to every home’s curb appeal. For new construction homes, you’ll want to design a consistent look from the foundation to the roof. Front patio doors work best when they complement the rest of the exterior.

Classic or traditional styles make French patio doors a great option. The Pella® Lifestyle Series offers an upgrade for integrated blinds or shades. They can create an elegant façade without sacrificing privacy.

But for contemporary, streamlined architecture, sliding patio doors may be preferable. Their minimalist style ensures plenty of natural light. Check out available customization options for the Pella Architect Series® to strike the right balance.

French Doors

French patio doors are one of the most popular choices. Their timeless look fits with many architectural styles. A single door offers simple elegance, while dual options create a sense of grandeur.

Pella’s French doors come in beautiful product lines like the Architect and Lifestyle Series. These doors are made from quality wood and come with a wide variety of customizable details and upgrades. We can accommodate your preferred grille pattern, color and more. Many of our innovative features offer ENERGY STAR®-rated efficiency, helping you reduce heating and cooling costs.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass patio doors are the other most popular selection, enjoyed for their nearly maintenance-free construction. Pella products like the Impervia® series boast exceptional durability. They’re designed to withstand the worst weather of every season, from scorching heat to bitter cold.

Your client may prefer sliding front patio doors for their versatility. They free up maximum floor space and suit most budgets as well as architectural styles. Consider investing in Pella multi-slide or bifold patio doors to make the most of these features. Multi-panel doors open from one side or the middle and provide an unobstructed view of the outdoors.

3. Consider the Local Climate

The climate can have a large influence on the durability and energy efficiency of your windows. Both Pella’s French and sliding glass doors come with ENERGY STAR-rated features, but sliding doors are generally expected to endure severe weather more successfully.

The lack of hinges decreases the chance of storms blowing them open. Sliding front patio doors come in vinyl and fiberglass, materials that resist sun exposure and changes in temperature.

Pella Delivers Unrivaled Quality and Versatility

Your new construction project deserves the best. For high-quality front patio doors, let the professionals at Pella of Owensboro share their expertise.

Schedule an appointment or stop by our Owensboro showroom for details about Pella product lines. For a personal touch, request a free consultation. We’ll help you find the front patio doors perfect for new construction homes.

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