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How to Choose the Right Replacement Window Screens

How to Choose the Right Replacement Window Screens

With warmer weather fast approaching in Owensboro, it’s important to start priming your home for spring weather, particularily your windows. Window screens play a vital role in helping keep critters out of the house so you can enjoy the spring time. Not only that, but they also offer a few significant features for the comfort and beauty of your Owensboro home. When choosing the proper replacement window screens this season, here are a few things to ponder:

  • Transparency – Not only should your window screens be operational and sturdy, but they should also be simple to gaze out of. There are screen choices that are trickier to see both from inside and outside your house, building the illusion that the screen is nonexistent for your curb appeal, while still allowing light and air into your home.
  • Style – There are a range of materials and weaves for screens that many people use. The most common material for replacement window screens is fiberglass because it endures longer and helps prevent rusting or corroding. Aluminum screens are also a good choice if you have small children or animals, because their material is more difficult to tear. A great option for window viewing intentions is Pella’s Rolscreen® Retractable Screen that rolls up and down like a window shade based on your need for it. The team at Pella Windows and Doors can work with you to establish which style will match your needs best.
  • Ventilation – Window screens can provide a nice breeze while helping prevent the permeation of critters and creepy-crawlies into your Owensboro home. This airflow solution can bring you comfort and peace of mind during the change in seasons. If you want the utmost ventilation, request about all the choices for window screens that allow in as much air as possible while helping keep insects out.
  • Cleaning - With efficient window screens also comes window screen cleaning. Don’t forget to inqure about the simplicity of cleaning of dirt and dust from numerous screens that you find to make the cleaning process as simple as possible.

Replacing window screens is essentially like any other home repair; the greatest way to certify your fundamental comfort is by determining your personal preferences and desires and finding the selection that meets your criteria. To look at all the various screens offered by Pella, get any questions answered or find which screen is best for you, stop by Pella Windows and Doors’s showroom in Owensboro, reach us at 270-684-3028, or set up an appointment online.

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