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Regular Check-Up and Maintenance on Your Windows and Doors in Owensboro, KY

Regular Check-Up and Maintenance on Your Windows and Doors in Owensboro, KY

When you first purchase a home, you do a pretty thorough walk through of the home to ensure everything is in good condition. Depending on when you moved in, it might have been awhile since you inspected your home with that same eagle eye.

Now that the colder weather has passed in Owensboro, take some time to walk through your home and inspect your windows and doors to check for any glaring maintenance issues. It’s simple, easy and it might save you money by catching areas that require maintenance.

Check out some tips from Pella in Owensboro to help you conduct simple maintenance on your windows and doors:

  • Inspect the interior and exterior finishes – Check on the condition of the finish around your windows and doors. Is the paint or stain in presentable condition? Flaking and peeling are signs that you may have to refinish the surface.

  • Look at exterior surfaces – Condensation and water penetration can induce cracking, deteriorated wood or other damage. Keep an eye out for signs of moisture. You should also check the walls, floors and ceilings for discoloration.

  • Find the source of any problems – If you notice any discoloration or signs of moisture; try to find out what’s causing the issue. Discolored wood around a window can be caused by a leak some distance away. In the case of roof leaks, sometimes the water will run down the inside of the wall and reach the window.

  • Clean window sills and tracks – Dirt and debris such as leaves, insects and sand can accumulate in your window sills. Open the windows and clean out the tracks with a soft brush. You should also do this with your patio doors. Debris can diminish the performance of your windows by letting air enter the home.

  • Open and close windows to check on sliding – If it feels like your windows don’t slide evenly when you open and close them, try a non-oily lubricant such as paraffin wax on the opposing finishes to get it back on track.

  • Review weather stripping – All your windows and doors have weather stripping, and well, weather can be troublesome. Look for any loose strips that need to be reattached or replace sections that are torn.

  • Check locking mechanisms – Locks not only keep people out of your home, but they also help make sure your windows and doors are tight. This helps to keep out rain, wind, insects and even the hot air. Make sure they are operating properly.

  • Look at caulking and sealants – Rain, water and extreme sunlight can be rough on exterior sealants and caulking. Remove any damaged material around your doors and windows and reapply sealant.

If you see any signs of issues with your home’s windows or doors, or you want to speak with a professional, call 270-684-3028 to speak with a Pella representative or visit the showroom in Owensboro.

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